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Welcome to the HK International Network

HK International Network is a unique group of legal and business advisers who have worked together over many years for the benefit of our respective clients in the area of international business.

Our network primarily provides advice and support to individuals and organisations which have private or commercial international interests. This could be anything from buying or selling an international property, to assisting in negotiations of major international contracts or dealing with international banking matters.

The network allows its members to leverage their services to greater effect and provides clients with a service which is timely and cost effective, by advisors who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of international business. Key to it all is the level of trust which has been built up between members over many years of working together.

Benefits for our clients:


Through the network, our members are able to leverage their services and are therefore able to offer a level of advice and expertise normally only available through large multinational practices – but without the large multinational charges.

Experience & Expertise

Members of the network have been working together for years and already know the answers to many of your international questions.


Those who have been involved with private or commercial matters internationally will understand the importance of trust.

IMPORTANT – If you have international interests and wish to contact a member of the network we strongly recommend that you do so via a member in your own country.

This will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with in the most effective and efficient manner taking into account both international law and also any local or national concerns.